NOCTURN creates and produces the work of John Darvell, exploring experimental contemporary narrative performances drawing on topical social issues.

It sits at the cutting-edge of dance by integrating technology into each artwork.

For NOCTURN, technology is both a tool to extend possibilities and a theme that deserves to be interrogated.


Using dance and accessible technology, we engage audiences in interactive events that they might encounter accidentally, in an installation setting, or online.

Our drive to reach a larger audience, to explore dance in community and educational settings, has resulted in residencies and regular classes throughout Berkshire and casts of professional and non-professional dancers performing together.

Intrinsic to NOCTURN’s professional work is the input of our participants; school children, young people, adults and our online community.


Formed in 2007, the company has consistently spearheaded an alternative approach to accessing dance through the combined use of film, social media, transmedia storytelling and live installation performances. 

They have collaborated with artists across genres, asking them to embrace high-risk creative opportunities while navigating this avant-garde and unexplored form of storytelling.

NOCTURN’s performance work is ground-breaking.

What better way to get to understand and explore an issue or question, than by getting those groups we work with to contribute their responses to our creative collaboration.
— John Darvell, Artistic Director