NOCTURN is signed up to the foundation for community dance, People Dance, Professional Code of Conduct. 


Employees and our workshop leaders adhere to the same code of conduct. 


NOCTURN aspires to make all of its classes/workshops a supportive, educational and fun environment for ALL


We create opportunities for people to access quality experiences in dance irrespective of where they live, their age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability, educational attainment or economic circumstance. 


NOCTURN holds the right to refuse service to any participant for any reason. We also reserve the right to substitute tutors without notice.


Our conduct policies apply equally (where relevant) to classes and practical sessions as to online environments such as closed groups or social media pages.



Why is there a code of conduct? 


At NOCTURN we are committed to running sessions and projects that are open to and welcoming for everyone, staff and participants alike. The input of our participants – school children, young people, adults and our online community – is intrinsic to our professional work and all of our work feeds into our aims of reaching larger audiences and exploring dance in new ways with new people. We also hope that this document gives you confidence in us and what we do.


Because of this, it is really important to us that we create a respectfulpractical and positive environment and key to this is making core expectations clear from the outset. We trust that the following etiquette will provide an environment whereby workshop/classes at NOCTURN will be a pleasure for all concerned.


Participant Code of Conduct


NOCTURN is not responsible for participants before or after class time.




In order to create a respectful, practical and positive environment we ask that…

  • Class is done in bare foot. If you are unable to work in bare foot then canvas ballet shoes, toe socks or light jazz shoes may be worn by agreement with the workshop leader. To ensure your safety, no socks allowed.
  • Jewellery and watches are removed
  • Only bottles of water are brought into class. Food, drinks, or gum are to be kept out of the studio.
  • All mobile phones are turned off or set too silent during class and should not be visible.
  • Participants and visitors tidy up after themselves before leaving the space, using bins provided or taking litter and personal items with them.
  • Participants understand that they take part at their own risk and are obliged to inform NOCTURN and its staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions, along with emergency contact information.
  • All participants abide by the Health & Safety requirements of the venue. Information will be provided.


NOCTURN is unable to accept responsibility for any loss of property or personal injury during class times.




In order to create a respectful, practical and positive environment we ask that:

  • Participants are open to new ideas, challenges and change. 
  • All participants show respect for their teachers and fellow participants at all times.
  • Participants are supportive and encouraging to others; treating people as they would expect to be treated. We kindly encourage all participants to keep personal disputes and issues outside the class or to discuss issues with the session leader at an appropriate time.
  • Participants are open to working in pairs and groups, irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability, educational attainment or economic circumstances.
  • Full commitment and engagement is given during class time. We appreciate that at times you may need ‘time out’ during a session, so kindly request you inform the workshop leader before stepping out. 
  • That participants are aware of other dancers in the space, ensuring that you stay out of their path of travel.
  • Participants show respect and consideration to others in the class, by being responsible before and during, for their own personal hygiene.
  • Participants who are unwell should stay away from sessions if they are considered contagious. In particular if they have suffered from vomiting or diarrhea in the last 48 hrs.  
  • Attitudes that are disrespectful, discriminatory or uncooperative are not tolerated. Any participant exhibiting these attitudes will be asked to leave. 
  • Participants witnessing disrespectful or discriminatory speech or behavior report it to the session leader or NOCTURN office as soon as possible.


NOCTURN encourages participants to build friendship and personal support networks with other participants during class time. 



In order to create a respectful, practical and positive environment we ask that:

  • All participants to make regular attendance and arrive on time for sessions/classes in order to get the maximum benefit from our workshops/classes. 
  • Participants arriving more than 15 minutes late understand that, as they miss the proper warm-up, may be asked to observe class to avoid personal injury.
  • If you are unable to attend session/class we kindly request you to contact us via email at, via the WhatsApp group or by contacting the workshop leader, in advance of the session. Please do not post on Facebook or any other method, as these are not monitored prior to sessions.



It is important to us that we receive feedback, positive and negative in order that we are able to quality assure our work and maintain a respectful, practical and positive environment.

  • NOCTURN is committed to improving its service and welcomes feedback. 
  • If you feel you need to wish to raise a complaint, participants can discuss with the workshop leader directly, in person, or by email We will endeavor to respond within one week of receipt of complaint. 
  • NOCTURN will seek to work with you to resolve your complaint to mutual satisfaction as soon as possible.
  • Issues or complaints should not be raised by text or posted on social media as we are unable to monitor or interpret these sufficiently well to ensure best practice is followed. 
  • If your issue or complaint concerns the head of the organisation or the conduct of the organisation we will seek to find a satisfactory third party (e.g. a staff member from a host organization) to mediate your complaint. Alternatively complaints can be made following the procedures of host organisation (e.g. schools, arts venues etc).


ILLUME Performance Group Code of Conduct


In addition to the Participant Code of Conductmembers of the ILLUME Performance group commit to:

  • Full participation (heart and mind) in the choreographic process.
  • Attending all rehearsals, technical runs and performances.
  • A ‘have-a-go’ attitude.
  • A desire to perform.
  • Advocating the work of ILLUMEand NOCTURN.
  • Conduct their behaviour in a professional manner when representing the group at external events and performances.
  • Check performance dates in advance of signing up for class, as your participation in these events is required. Any issues with performance dates should be raised promptly.
  • It’s unacceptable to your other participants to pull out of performances at the last minute.
  • No jewellery worn during performances.




At NOCTURN, all of its freelance staff and its volunteers commit to following the letter and the spirit of the code of conduct in all of their dealings on behalf of the company. Failure to do so will be taken very seriously by company management. 


We also commit to:

  • Preparing well for sessions, classes and rehearsals.
  • Acting as an advocate for the NOCTURN family of groups and classes.
  • To bringing a positive and professional attitude to our work.
  • Responding positively and professionally to feedback.
  • Working to the aims of each project/class/group. 
  • Sharing our expertise and experience freely and with enthusiasm with all our participants.