MÓTUS Festival - contact improvisation

NOCTURN and Parlor Dance co-commission inspired by the MK Gallery artwork as part of the outdoor MÓTUS Festival, Milton Keynes.


John Darvell, Helen Parlor and Effie McGuire Ward performed a short contact and improvisation performance utilising the open space at MK Gallery for the start of MÓTUS 2015 (www.motusdance.co.uk). These performances were motivated by the artwork and space within the gallery as well as a response to our maturing bodies; both physically and mentally.


MÓTUS is a celebration of all forms of dance across the city of Milton Keynes and also celebrates links with national companies which, to date included Theo Clinkard, Ffin Dance, Anjali and Motionhouse.


Funded by the Arts Council England, the festival aims to enhance and help continually develop all dance activity in the city.




  • John Darvell, Artistic Director and Dancer

  • Helen Parlor, Artistic Director (Parlor DancE) and Dancer

  • Effie McGuire Ward, Assistant Director (MÓTUS) and Dancer