Bringing life to a museum's collection, NOCTURN's fresh approach!

In summer last year NOCTURN, in partnership with West Berkshire Museum, set about an ambitious educational/community project fusing the museum's collection with NOCTURN’s focus on our obsession for living our lives through our phones.

Take a peek behind the scenes to hear from those involved and watch the dance on film produced, in our two new exciting online films:

‘Getting People Involved’ a documentary | ATHE

‘Getting People Involved’ a dance on camera | ATHE

School children, young people and community participants were all asked to explore ways in which we can remind ourselves of the simple pleasures we can find from physical interaction with the people and our world around us.

Having NOCTURN at the West Berkshire Museum brought new and different people over the threshold and made them think about this unique historic building as something that is as important to the here and now as it is to our heritage.
— Paul James, Culture Manager, West Berkshire Council.


Special thanks to all participants, teachers, schools, parents and NOCTURN’s workshop leaders without whom this exciting project would never have happened.

‘…And They Have Escaped’ and it’s supporting outreach programme will be touring other venues late 2017 & spring 2018.

John Darvell