West Berkshire primary school pupils dance their way to success.

Over the term pupils from Hampstead Norreys CofE and The Ilsleys Primary School, collaborating with professional dance company NOCTURN, focused their creative skills on what Art means to them.

Pupils from year 2 to 5 where challenged over the weeks to build as big as possible list of many different art forms, ranging from contemporary dance to stand up comedy.

Working with fellow pupils and tasks set by workshop leader John Darvell, Artistic Director of NOCTURN, to create movement that as a class they moulded into a dance piece, which was performed to the whole school and parents.

In addition, they had the opportunity to find out what life as an artist is really like by interviewing John with their own questions. Over the weeks they slowly built up their portfolio of evidence for their awards.

“Our school is committed to providing quality Arts provision for our pupils, as we really see the benefit it gives our children in both their learning and their development of creative skills. Our pupils have had not only the chance to work with a professional dancer but a rewarding opportunity to let their voice lead the creative process, creating something that they own and understand the wider context of what art is. Helping them gain their awards as part of this process has been inspiring”, says Kate House, Head Teacher.

John said, “in these challenging times when school budgets are under imminence pressure, it’s very rewarding to be able to link what we do as a company, what learning needs to happen for the school and an accredited award scheme, all into one. The real highlight for me has been the chance to, at this early stage of a pupil’s development, open their minds to possibility of exploring, creating and sharing art.”

Arts Award Discover is the introductory award open to children and young people aged up to 25 run by Arts Award.

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