Pupils going overboard for Arts Award at the Ilsleys Primary


This summer term, year 4, 5 & 6 pupils from the Ilsleys Primary School, collaborating with NOCTURN, explored the history of the ill fated voyage of RMS Titanic.


Building on the successes of last year’s Arts Award, the year 4, 5 & 6 pupils were challenged with the more advanced level qualification Arts Award Explore. Working with local dance artist John Darvell from NOCTURN pupils created and choreographed using their ideas and creative skills, as part of their award portfolio, an 8-minute contemporary dance piece around the ship of dreams tragic journey; how the Titanic steerage passengers lived onboard, the final moments before the sinking and what they did to try and survive. 


“Integrating dance and Arts Award gave the pupils a chance to not only participate in a creative dance activity but to also research other local artists and their work, expand their understand of art in a wider context and having an opportunity to share their own arts discoveries with others in the school”, says John.


Kate House, Headteacher said, “I’m thrilled by what these pupils have achieved; a very emotional and mature performance. They are the first group of children to have consistently had dance in their curriculum, supported by an outside artist, throughout their time at our school. It proves that having a commitment to providing quality Arts provision, which we do, benefits our children in every aspect of their learning. I do hope our pupils moving on up to Secondary school continue their dancing and wonderful talents of thinking creatively.”


Through the use of the PE and Sports Premium to employ outside artists, allows the school to reach and engage the least active children while also leaving a legacy to the school by providing quality CPD to staff. Arts Award Explore is an Entry Level (Entry 3) qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is open to children and young people aged up to 25.