A unique, beautiful and creepy experience of dance and digital.
— Annette Mees - Creative Fellow, WIRED & The Space

Revelation of Miss White

Following the success of NOCTURN’s innovative Facebook mystery ‘dareyouwatch’, John Darvell creates a disturbing new adventure, featuring a terribly proper English lady whose dreams begin to crack on her Facebook profile.


Miss Jessica White has a secret. By day, she’s a calm and collected member of her village community who loves to chat. In the evenings, though, she gets somewhat cranky. She hasn't been sleeping well. And she’s been having the strangest of dreams.


In an elegantly disturbing tale hosted on Facebook, online viewers could follow and correspond directly with Miss White, portrayed by company dancer Harriet Waghorn, over a three week period before her story reached a climatic conclusion.

With over 19,000 Likes, video views and an international following, the project was specifically designed to test viewing habits, our understanding of online video, and advertising. Behind the scenes, we were monitoring structured experiments in how we promote each video and the page itself.

NOCTURN are happy to present their findings to other Arts organisations, for more information please contact help@nocturndance.co.uk.


Supported by Arts Council England, Corn Exchange & New Greenham Arts and Cornerstone.


  • John Darvell, Director & Choreographer

  • Tessa Howell, Producer

  • David Varela, Storyteller

  • Ben Johnston, Film-maker

  • John Chambers, Composer

  • Harriet Waghorn, Dancer

  • Chantal Addley, Set Dresser

  • Jessica Kay, Mask Maker

  • Ben Qureshi, Illustrator

  • Hannah Dix & Amy Johnson, Project Managers

  • Sarah Gregson, Evaluator

We wanted to use Facebook as a platform for telling a story about that dissonance between your real life and your online presence, taken to the limit. Pushed to extremes, it can reflect some pretty dark psychological issues.
— David Varela, Storyteller

Just a few of the videos produced as part of our online narrative for Miss White: