…And They Have Escaped


NOCTURN’s latest ambitious installation is designed specifically to fuse museum collections with dance, technology, app development and projection.

Free to the public, this self-guided experience asks us to question why ‘being constantly online is a good thing, right?’


Avatars trapped in our screens demand their freedom. Carrying an urgent cautionary message, they break free, invading real life and entering our three-dimensional world for the first time.

This futuristic vision is the starting point for ‘…And They Have Escaped’ in a bid to remind us of the simple pleasures we can find from physical interaction with the people and our world around us.

John Darvell’s creative concepts and thought provoking choreography are brought to life by the technical wizardry of Greyworld, a company with over 20 years experience of creating works that articulate public spaces. Coupled with Rogerio Silva’s magical cinematography, John Chambers haunting sound score and the joyful animations by Yeast Culture.

Intrinsic to our creative approach is the engagement of young people and our wider community. This bold project employed 29 South East based professional artists to create a unique museum experience, NOCTURN worked with over 400 young people, mentored and achieved 174 Arts Award Discovery Certificates; delivered over 90 workshops and worked with a talented group of adult participants to create a 20 minute performance piece.


Co-commissioned by West Berkshire Council and West Berkshire Heritage. Supported by Arts Council England and Corn Exchange & New Greenham Arts.


An excerpt from one of the many videos delivered by our museum app



  • Yeast Culture, Animations

  • Deborah Ann Camp, Dancer

  • Harriet Waghorn, Dancer

  • Effie McGuire Ward, Dancer

  • Hannah Dix, Project Manager

  • Sarah Gregson, Evaluator

  • John Darvell, Director & Choreographer

  • Tessa Howell, Producer

  • Greyworld, Technical partner

  • Rogerio Silva, Film-maker

  • John Chambers, Composer


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