Loss! Simply put is a part of life. What was there is now filled with absence. The legacy of memory now shapes our future...

Fractured Landscapes

Fracture Landscapes featured four flash fiction online video shorts released over a 4 week period, confronting the maelstrom of emotions we feel during a period of personal loss.

Experimenting with online users viewing habits, choreographer John Darvell reimagined a live performed duet into the a short, video bite dance form. As well as being widely shared on social media, we were very pleased to be showcased at Dance Film Festival UK, 2016.


Supported by Arts Council England, Oxford Dance Forum and Corn Exchange and New Greenham Arts.



  • John Darvell, Choreographer and Dancer

  • Ben Johnston, Film, Editor and Soundscore

  • Liz Allum, Text

  • Deborah Ann Camp, Dancer

...This experimental work is a shift in NOCTURN’s creative direction. A chance to explore personal moments; reflecting on when, in a heartbeat, our lives can fracture and alter course.

Take the videos for what they are, just fleeting moments of expression, for you to watch and take in.
— John Darvell, Artistic Director