From the dark twisted reaches of John Darvell’s mind sprang a wonderfully unsettling piece about brainwashing.

Exploting Twitter, Facebook and 18 hours of live streamed video to turn a small dance production into an international gala.

An art-house version of Big Brother
— Ron Mc Allister, Chief Executive of South Hill Park

dareyouwatch, co-commissioned by SHP Live, integrated writing, story telling, digital cinema and online interaction in and around a live performance. The work spanned a range of cultural references from iconic cult film, online digital culture, open world games, live art and contemporary dance with an understanding of our contemporary media landscape.


Over 1,200 people from 16 countries watched the durational performance on YouTube, the Facebook page gained over 6,000 ‘Likes’ and the characters’ Twitter feeds reached almost 13,000 people - taking NOCTURN to new viewers and telling a strange, macabre story in a unique way.


Supported by Arts Council England, SHP Live/South Hill Park, West Berkshire Council and Newbury College.




Creative Team

  • John Darvell, Director and Choreographer

  • David Varela, Storyteller

  • Martin Franklin, Video Live Stream

  • Oli Newman, Composer

  • Luke Antysz, Dancer

  • Deborah Ann Camp

  • Laura Caldow, Dancer

  • Oliver Scott, Dancer

  • Stephanie Townsend, Dancer

  • Fiona Willward, Dancer

  • Paul Batten, Lighting, Set Build and Stage Management


The high octane piece was like nothing I have ever seen before, and in a world where everything seems to be familiar, it was refreshing to be exposed to something new.
— Becky Barnes, Wokingham Times